“Decluttering my Thoughts”

A day of decluttering my life and many thoughts came to be….

Just me.
Just me!

We are only on this earth for a short time. I dedicate a few hours weekly to watching survival shows based out of Alaska, Washington, Ohio, West Virginia, and other states. I watch these programs because I have a heightened curiosity of what it might be like to live off the grid… never having to report to anyone or pay for things you can’t take with you when you die anyway. We spend so much time and money on things that just don’t really matter in the end. The only advantage is if you can pass those ‘things’ down to your loved ones such as a house, car, etc. to make their lives a little easier.

Since I was 15 years old, I’ve always had a job. I spent many dollars on the latest fashion trends, hair coloring, make-up, shoes, jewelry, and home décor, just to name a few.  As the decades changed, so did I, buying more things to keep up on the latest movements of life. Who would be seen today wearing outdated 80’s stone-washed tapered leg jeans and a Member’s Only jacket? I’m guessing I’d be ‘the only member’ left.  What would people think? I just bought a brand new crossover SUV a few months ago. Sure, I could have kept my previous 2004 Hyundai but why? I wanted heated seats finally because I felt deserving. If I’m going to work 40 hours a week, I want convenience… but convenience of what exactly? Everyone creates their own theory of what ‘convenience’ is and of course, a debt is usually tied to it.  My entire paycheck goes toward a home mortgage, utilities, eating out and junk.  It is as if we all ‘create’ debt and then spend our money paying for the ‘convenience’ of it all.  Does that even make sense to anyone?

I reflected upon my brief partying era and admitted to myself I had a blast.  Those were the good ole days. I didn’t have a care in the world… and that’s when I realized something… those were the days that I possessed the least in life. I didn’t ‘own’ anything. Even my car still had a payment attached to it. I was renting a cheap house, so no obligations there either. You can’t say you ‘own’ your home unless your house loan is paid in full. How many people can actually say that? Technically, the bank owns your home and you are just paying the bank for the privilege of saying you ‘own’ your home.   Woohoo, right? The less junk you have, the less clutter, the less you have to worry about. I used to be a shop-a-holic. I’d buy things and find them years later, still with tags on them. I just cleaned out an oak chest filled with things, including a “Hustler” tank top I bought while in San Diego about 7 years ago. I mean, I visited the largest Hustler store in America, so I needed proof of that, right? I laughed to myself at how ridiculous that was. I’m 41 years old and I’m proud to say I never wore that top. Should I hold on it to it another 10 years to see if an occasion arises? Ummm, what ‘type’ of occasion might that be? I’m sure my husband would be mortified. Oh, and I’d love to bump into my church acquaintances while wearing it. That sounds nifty. NOT. ‘WWJD’ comes to mind. I’m now a God-fearing woman. I also parted with some trashy high heels that had chains dangling from them, and clothing that I’d look like a joke in at this age truthfully. The more wrinkles we get, the cheesier we look in them get-ups.

I’m constantly pondering the true meaning of life. Anything can trigger these thoughts. I recently read online that “Ms. Katie May,” The Queen of SnapChat and followed by millions on Instagram.  She died at the early age of 34 from a massive stroke. I had never heard of her so I googled her after reading the article. She was stunning. Wow. Her hair was beautiful and her body made me think I needed to visit a plastic surgeon ASAP. How can one woman’s body be so perfect in every single way, I thought? Her pictures are 99% seductive in nature and at one time she posed for Playboy. She had a 7 year old daughter who was in a few Instagram photos… maybe 2 or 3 total…. out of hundreds… Why? Because people don’t ‘follow’ pretty moms hugging their children on social media. They follow seduction, lust, beauty, and trends. Moreover, they follow greed, gossip, affairs, crime, and desperation of society’s actions.

I’d prefer to rise above it all like Betty White. If you google her old ‘hay day’ pictures, you’ll see what a knock-out she was. Now, at 90 years old, she is still elegant, funny, classy, and  blessed with lots of laugh lines. That is all I want for my future too… to go without a big struggle to artificially maintain my youth.  I’ll take care of myself and I’ll still do my hair, makeup and dress fashionably, but I don’t need to continue accumulating all this ‘stuff’ to make me feel better. I am out of closet space, so unless the item YELLS at me in the store, there is nothing else I care to buy. I’ve got plenty of articles of clothing for any and every occasion. The amount of costume jewelry I have is insane.

Have you ever noticed that men’s wardrobes never really go out of style? A men’s buttoned down dress shirt and khakis has been the fashion normal for decades. The dress pants have changed a bit, but overall, it is the same look. There is a reason for that! Genius! If you don’t stray too far from the basic clothing trend line, you won’t have to constantly modify your wardrobe. I mean, have you ever seen a women’s cardigan go out of style? Of course not. I’m wearing one today actually. I own one in every color. I have about 45 different colored tank tops in my closet to wear under my cardigans as well. I think I’m good.

In the end, our graves are all the same size. Actually, no, not for me because I plan to be cremated.  However, I’d like half of my ashes on someone’s home shelf because I’m creepy like that and the other half buried under a shady willow tree with a small little plot. Otherwise, it’s like you vanished into thin air. There is no marker for your ancestors to ever go visit.  This is a bummer for anyone tracing their family tree down on ancestry.com.  I’m just saying.

What am I saying here? I’m saying that we need to take value in the little things in life like spending time with your family, children, and friends. Take a walk in the park. Read a good book or story online. Plant some flowers. Watch a great movie. Blog. Create a scrapbook. Play board games with friends and family. Visit people in old age homes. Love. Faith. Trust. Smiles. Laughter. Talking. Hope. Friendship. Most of these things are free and they’re filled with true meaning. Don’t waste your money accumulating unnecessary debt without a real, goal-oriented purpose in life. That is what I learned yesterday!

Author: melissaannsite

I'm a 40-something year old woman who has lived a life of adventure so far. I'm an ENFP Virgo with no judgment in my heart on others. Everyone is entitled to live their life as they wish, but I still enjoy the humor that life has to offer... and the memories.

One thought on ““Decluttering my Thoughts””

  1. I knew you were wonderful, awesome, all those nifty things but I never knew you could write as well as you do. I am an avid reader and I’ll tell you-this blog is something I would read on a regular basis. Keep in keepin’ on, dear friend, and I’ll follow!
    Love you bunches!

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